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My Approach

     Anita focuses on creating grace & elegance by lengthening & aligning your body. She wants everyone to be the best version of themselves. Barre is her exercise of choice. It challenges you to increase your core strength & flexibility with isometric movements. It builds endurance & bone density in your body through strength training, muscle fatigue, & ballet fluidity. 

     Anita encourages you to come away from your comfort zone & find your inner strength. Be empowered as you embrace the barre "shake" & enjoy your body working towards its full potential. You will benefit from the fine balance of stability & the strategically placed bursts of cardio, which will melt inches while flushing your muscles.

     Get ready to improve your  grace, strength, & endurance  all while improving your mental & physical strength. There are no plateaus at the barre. You'll see your body progress & continue to thrive.

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