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Personal Training

Working with a trainer will help you to achieve results you can't on your own!


Workout with a friend! Identify your goals & reach them together.

Online Videos

Try the convenience of Barreista Studio's online workouts 24/7 & you will never want to leave home to work out again!


Rebound your way to health! High calorie burn, aids lymphatic drainage, lowers cholesterol...

Nutritional Counseling

I can guide you through weight loss, & most importantly, overall well being. 

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Anita focuses on creating grace & elegance by lengthening & aligning your body. She wants everyone to be the best version of themselves. Barre is her exercise of choice. It challenges you to increase your core strength & flexibility with isometric movements. It builds endurance & bone density in your body through strength training, muscle fatigue, & ballet fluidity. 

About me

Anita is a certified Personal Trainer & certified Sport Nutrition Specialist with NCSF, certified Barre Instructor with Body Barre Forte approved by ACE,  & Barre Certified with Barre Concept, Europe's leading barre training & globally accredited. She holds a career diploma in Fitness, Nutrition, & Medical Terminology. 

The Benefits 

Give bounce & barre a try to break up the monotony of your normal workout routine. Bounce is a 30 minute class that will leave you feeling energized and happy! It's a fun, high calorie, detoxing, no impact workout set to music that will get you moving. Barre is a 55 minute invigorating workout that will lengthen, align, and tone  your body. Barre will empower you as you embrace the shake and enjoy your body working to its full potential. Barre will challenge your core strength and flexibility with its famed isometric movements. Strategically placed bursts of cardio is sure to increase your stamina and burn calories.


Core Strength 


Improved Posture



Increased Muscle Tone


I really love how Anita's workouts keep you completely in the present moment & ultimately surprised by your strength ... good medicine for these times.

Wendy Willis Price

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